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Bottlenecks are a thing of the past

Whether you’re short on inspectors, looking to hire plan reviewers, or need a permit tech or electronic permit system to keep things running smoothly, Interwest has been helping communities in California streamline their operations for decades.


Choose hourly staffing or a full-service department

Regardless of whether you need a single inspector or a fully built-out building department, Interwest has the certified staff with the local knowledge to integrate with your existing infrastructure seamlessly. And with a national presence, we can lean on experts from across the nation to improve your community.

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Scalable Staff

Bring in certified staff as needed and in the capacity you need. Whether that’s just for busy seasons, high-profile projects, or to fill gaps when salaried staff aren't available.
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Shorter Turnarounds

Because many of our staff are multidisciplinary, we complete plan reviews and inspections quicker (without passing through as many hands).
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Effective Technology

Our technologies speak across one another (and many existing softwares you’re already using), tracking projects from the original permit request all the way to the certificate of occupancy.

How one city streamlined building 2,300+ homes

As the largest residential development in Lake Forest, California, Baker Ranch’s housing project included building 2,379 single- and multi-family homes. Additionally, the project included community swimming pools, park areas, and sports fields, requiring a large number of staff to oversee the development and keep it moving.

See how Interwest helped the city to address staffing workloads by providing engineering, plan review, permit processing, and inspection support — ultimately bringing this housing project to life faster for the community.


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We've partnered with OMNIA Partners, Public Sector, the nation’s largest and most experienced cooperative purchasing organization for public sector procurement. What does that mean for you? Member organizations can save time and funds by skipping the RFP process when they work with a vetted and verified OMNIA partner.