Two workers install solar panels on house roof

As communities increase focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions, the use of solar energy will continue to gain popularity.  According to a recent report released by the Solar Energy Industries Association, there are currently 3.4 million solar energy systems installed in the US today, and they estimate that 13% of US homes will have PV Solar Systems by 2030. 

Given this increased interest, jurisdictions will see more solar permits and inspections in their building departments. Without a strong partner at your side, this increase in demand could result in longer waits for permits and inspections as local building departments adapt to a higher volume of solar projects.

Streamline the permitting process

In addition to electrical expertise, solar projects may require a number of additional permits depending on how the system will be used. Zoning permits, plumbing permits, and reviews by a structural engineer may also be required depending on the project. Having an electronic permitting system in place will help manage every aspect of the process, reducing frustration for both permit applicants and building department staff. 

Man installs solar panel atop house roof

A streamlined process is even more important if your community has sustainability initiatives in place that encourage the use of solar panels. Fast-track permit applications, reduced permit fees, and plan reviews conducted by AI technology are just some of the tools that are being used to encourage the use of solar projects within a community.

Get timely solar permits and inspections

SAFEbuilt has been working with local jurisdictions for decades, and we’ve grown alongside the development of new renewable energy methods and processes. As a result, we have a nationwide team of experienced professionals ready to help your staff keep projects moving. With a third-party team like SAFEbuilt in your back pocket, you have the ability to expand and scale back plan reviews and inspectors to meet workload demands. 

Has your community experienced an increase in solar project permits? Want to talk about your upcoming solar project needs and challenges? 

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