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Throughout the nation, stay-at-home orders are lifting, while at the same time, many communities are enjoying consistently warm weather. This means the typical busy season for construction could be atypically demanding. Consider how to best accommodate the influx of work, ensure continued safety, and maintain project timelines.

Planning for fluctuations in building activities is already difficult enough, now add in the complexity of fluctuating staffing needs to meet your project deadlines. It can feel overwhelming and impact your effectiveness. In times like these, partnering with an external community development provider is one way you can mitigate the burden of staffing and fortify your workforce as needed. By scaling your staff as the workload demands is a proven, effective way to deal with seasonal fluctuations, large projects, or even pending retirements. It allows you to:

  • Reduce the risk of over-or under-staffing
  • Only pay for resources you need
  • Ensure costs aren’t exceeding revenue
  • Ensure project timelines are met
  • Work with a team that fully understands your local regulations and the challenges you face
  • Gain access to specialized experts, without adding to your full-time staff
  • Maintain the highest levels of community satisfaction, with fast, responsive, helpful, and courteous professionals

Additionally, your community may want to consider a few other operational changes. For example, you might want to limit in-person inspections. Remote inspections are an easy solution for certain residential and commercial inspections.

You may want to consider implementing some electronic plan review capabilities, as well. If your department needs ideas on where to start, consider these innovative solutions.

No matter the challenges you or your municipality faces remember that SAFEbuilt is here, willing and able to help meet your project needs during this difficult and uncertain time. We’re ready to support building departments with a complete range of building and safety services for municipalities and contractorsacross the country including:

We have the options in-person or virtually to safely suit your needs.

Custom and Collaborative Building Department Services

SAFEbuilt and our family of brands are here to help. Our community technology experts are available to answer your questions and share our experience with any of these technologies. Email us today at to discuss solutions for the immediate challenges you encounter.