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There is an ever-increasing need for local municipalities to maintain the highest levels of community satisfaction, delivering fast and responsive services. With staffing challenges, budgetary restrictions, and rising personnel costs, local governments are searching for alternative service delivery options.

One of the often-overlooked areas that can help quell rising frustrations is building inspections. No matter where you are or who you are, every new construction project needs to be inspected. There’s really no way around it. For Building Departments, having a variety of qualified and licensed inspectors at their disposal is a MUST. So, the thinking goes that there isn’t anything municipal leaders and building officials can do to innovate in this realm.

BUT, that’s not exactly true. And that’s what successful Building Departments around the country know that others don’t.

There are reliable and highly qualified third-party providers that can help you manage your inspection workload. Some of them, in fact (or at least the leading providers with decades of experience), know how to go beyond a checklist of building compliance and approved plans. They provide immediate and scalable access to a team of certified expert inspectors, automated routing technology, and a proven, methodical inspections playbook to guide inspectors, builders, and owners through the process.

And yes, if the provider is worth their salt (so to speak), you’ll have as-needed access to certified inspectors who not only know the industry, but also your local codes and ordinances. Some providers can even go a step further and provide inspectors that can also be engaged for routine, health, structural, and fire inspections on a full-time or supplemental basis. 

Choosing and using the right provider not only saves time, money, and headaches. You can also realize process efficiencies and improvements from seasoned outside experts with experience from all over the country. Such efficiencies include intelligent scheduling, electronic inspections software, and customer inspection education, which reduces the overall number of inspections needed to close out a project–making you a development-friendly community.

Put simply, successful Building Departments know that the right third-party inspection provider can help them realize service improvements, a means of accommodating fluctuating seasonal demands, further stabilizing and strengthening the relationships with the communities we serve.

(Bonus tip: Make sure that your third-party inspection provider can also guarantee their timelines and performance. Ask if their inspectors can guarantee next-day, after-hour, weekend, or same-day re-inspections, and disaster inspections.)

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