Winter Is Coming.
Are You Ready?


Take on winter more confidently anywhere in the country with the complimentary Winterization Preparedness Guide from SAFEbuilt. 

With some key considerations and steps to take — before, during, and after winter takes its toll on your municipality — this guide is a valuable tool for thriving through severe weather, increased strain on infrastructure and government staff, limited access to transportation and resources, staff out sick or on vacation, and more. 

Year-round planning, vigilance, strategy, and partnerships can minimize the disruption of these events — and reduce the cost — to your community. Get your free copy today. 

Prepare for anything…and everything.

What's inside the Winterization Preparedness Guide?

You don't want to miss out on this one. Inside, you'll find...


Detailed action plans

How to prepare, response strategies, recovery priorities


Winter extremes

Weather coast-to-coast: trends, costs, and case studies
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Seasonal out-of-office
by the numbers


Support tips

Reduce inefficiencies and recover faster