Man in construction helmet and safety vest fills out inspection report on tablet
Man in construction helmet and safety vest fills out inspection report on tablet

For decades, permitting backlog has been a bottleneck for many building departments across the United States. At SAFEbuilt, we designed our CommunityCore permitting and inspector software by combining our experience running building departments with user feedback from permit technicians, inspectors, community members, and jurisdictional staff. 

What we’ve created is a way to simplify the entire process for all involved.

Not only does the software allow you to track permit projects from start to finish, but it improves user experiences for all stakeholders in the process. Take a closer look at the software features and watch a live demo below.

Permitting Software Features

CommunityCore’s permitting software includes:

  • Continual updates and improvements — Our developers work on 2-week sprints to roll out software improvements, corrections, and updates. You get notifications after an update to let you know what has changed. 
  • Integrated support — Live support is available to jurisdictional staff members, community members, and contractors using the software. 
  • A tailored dashboard based on role — Customized dashboards minimize options and streamline actions relative to a person’s specific role in the permitting and inspection process.

From the CommunityCore dashboard, building departments can:

  • Create an application
  • Save in-progress applications 
  • View online applications
  • Build customer permit workflows
  • Manage contractors
  • Customize settings per individual jurisdictions in their county

From the dashboard, community members and contractors can:

  • Request a permit
  • Estimate permit fees (to improve transparency)
  • Schedule inspections
  • Log complaints

“I’m a user of this program on a daily basis, and we have about 30 communities that we serve out of our base office. It really improved how our office performs.” — Emily Richards, Development Service Coordinator, Black Hawk, CO


Inspection Software Features

InspectorConnect is a mobile application included with CommunityCore to connect permits with inspections seamlessly from the field.  Inspectors can easily log information on an iPad or tablet into the software’s app. This information is quickly transmitted to CommunityCore, and even alerts stakeholders upon an inspection’s completion.

With this software, inspectors can submit reports right from a job site, meaning stakeholders can get notified almost immediately once the inspection is complete. No service at a job site? No problem. InspectorConnect software will sync as soon as you are back in service range.

InspectorConnect allows inspectors to:

  • View their inspection schedule (including a map with the fastest routes for efficiency) 
  • Access development documents (e.g., approved plans)
  • Document their inspection notes and findings (including a talk-to-text feature for note taking while walking around a job site)
  • Take pictures and attach with the inspection results

After an inspection is submitted, the software immediately: 

  • Syncs with CommunityCore software to update the project
  • Informs stakeholders that the inspection is complete, including results

Improve Capacity, Scalability, and Efficiency

CommunityCore makes permitting at 24/7 function of your jurisdiction, while still allowing for community members to stick to more traditional methods of applying for permits, as desired (while streamlining your permitting status tracking process).

“This has been life-changing for offices and keeps them moving, especially in times of natural disaster.”

— Trisha Koeltzow, Project Manager, SAFEbuilt

When it comes to natural disasters and unexpected events in your community, CommunityCore makes your building department more adaptable. By staying organized during times of high demand, you will be able to execute work more efficiently and improve employee morale and community satisfaction.

See How CommunityCore Works

Implementation and onboarding for the software depend on jurisdiction, generally spanning 3-4 months. Our team continually updates the software, and we will work with your jurisdiction to create the proper permits and workflows customized for your community. Together, we can set you up with the best system possible.

Want to see how the CommunityCore and Inspector Connect work? Watch our demo.

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