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One of the biggest bottlenecks for building departments comes down to municipal administrative work. But without hiring more team members, it can be difficult to know how to get more permits processed  and projects completed faster. 

That is until you implement CommunityCore Solutions.


Reduce building administrative processes


CommunityCore Solutions breaks down into three offerings to equip your building department team, residents, and inspectors with the tools to streamline their next project.


For your building department: CommunityCore


Simplify administrative work for your team. CommunityCore helps building departments:

  • Manage permit applications and permits through their lifecycle
  • Access fees and collect payment
  • Manage contractor and business licenses
  • Create and track projects
  • Generate activity reports

With this permit software behind you, CommunityCore can enhance your community’s building department experience, resulting in more satisfied residents and contractors. 


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For your contractors and residents: CommunityConnect


Give contractors and community members a single access point and provide transparency into their projects. CommunityConnect lets users:

  • Apply for a permit
  • Track permit progress
  • Pay fees
  • Request inspections

With 24/7 access to the portal for users to handle these types of requests, Building Department staff have more time during regular business hours to answer questions and keep projects moving.  


For your inspectors: InspectorConnect


Quickly complete and communicate inspection results. InspectorConnect’s easy-to-use mobile app lets inspectors on your team:

  • Provide results with or without an internet connection
  • View building inspection and code compliance work to be done
  • Look up property information
  • Create new code enforcement cases (and update existing cases)
  • Add notes, photos, or files to any inspection


Learn more during our CommunityCore webinar

Join us Tuesday, August 9, 2022 from 1 – 2 p.m. MST to learn how CommunityCore Solutions can directly help your community become more efficient.

Our panel of experts will share their experiences with electronic permitting systems, best practices when selecting and implementing a new system, and conclude with a demo of CommunityCore. 

  • Benefits of electronic permitting software
  • Reporting functionality that provides transparency for community leaders and council members. 
  • Things to consider when choosing a platform 
  • Common building permit software challenges 

Don’t miss out on your chance to submit your questions, get answers, and learn more about how CommunityCore can help your jurisdiction firsthand. 

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