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Recently in an open letter to the mayors of America, we discussed the importance of Building Department productivity, and the benefits of robust virtual service delivery. However, there are many helpful resources to aid municipalities and their leaders during this unprecedented time in our lives, and to help safely navigate the path forward.

In an effort to make your busy days a little less stressful, we’ve collated a list of resources you may find helpful:

  • 5 critical areas of consideration whitepaper: Discusses the key strategies and lessons learned to better prepare for what’s coming for your community with a possible surge of COVID-19 this fall.

  • The United States Conference of Mayors COVID-19 website: An aggregated and routinely updated site that offers operational best practices, a CARES Act resource center, Fiscal Tracking and Reimbursement information, Directories for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suppliers, and much more.

  • National League of Cities (NLC) COVID-19 webpage: A robust collection of “how to’s” covering topics, such as providing financial relief to residents, implementing stay-at-home orders, efficient government service during closures, funding communications during public health crises, and Govtech.

  • Bloomberg Philanthropies: Offers a comprehensive list of tools to understand, respond to, and manage COVID-19 including applications for financial support from their Fiscal and Health Equity Initiative, contract tracing courses and resources, a downloadable communications module and templates to help your office deploy the right messages at the right times, and more.

  • Partnership for Healthy Cities COVID-19 Response Center: Hosts a library of practical guidance and tools specifically for municipalities, covering these four areas–Surveillance and Epidemiology, Communications, Public Health and Social Measures, and Legal and Ethical Considerations.

We understand that each community is impacted by the pandemic in different ways. Municipal leaders are trying to balance their own unique combinations of dwindling finances, lack of staff, and a growing backlog. Because of our local expertise and national reach, we can meet you where you are and help you continue to move forward. Email us at to discuss solutions for the immediate challenges you face.


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