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More than 1,000 municipalities have come to SAFEbuilt with their community development challenges. But you may be wondering, what's the advantage of bringing in a third-party provider to help with your community development projects?

Why SAFEbuilt?

At SAFEbuilt, we don't just help you get the job done — we help you reach your goals through exceptional service and greater expertise. No matter your needs, we lean into our extensive, national resources to deliver the highest-quality service. And we'll align your services with your city budget.

With an operating model aligned to those tenets, you and your community can expect to:

  • Get the people you need, right when you need them.
  • Scale your building department up or down as workload demands, starting immediately.
  • Reduce cost and risk associated with full-time employees, benefits, liabilities, etc.
  • Customize solutions to match your needs, from supplemental staff augmentation to full-service embedded departments.
  • Work with a team that fully understands your local regulations and the challenges your department faces.
  • Gain access to specialized experts without adding to your full-time staff.
  • Leverage our proven processes and technology solutions to further improve department efficiency.
  • Maintain the highest levels of community satisfaction with fast, responsive, helpful, and courteous professionals.

Let's take a closer look at how our services have helped grow the communities we've worked with.


Providing Next-Day Inspections and Streamlined Requests

When we first partnered with the Village of Hampshire, Illinois, their permitting and inspection process entirely relied on manual processes, including paper applications and in-person drop-offs. But the city's affordability, charm, and location meant continued growth, creating staffing challenges, delays, and ultimately complaints and resident dissatisfaction. 

When their team partnered with SAFEbuilt, we provided a full-time team to handle their permitting and inspection requests. We also set them up with an electronic request platform to simplify their process.

With these changes implemented, the village went from experiencing scheduling delays and staffing inconsistencies to offering a sustainable digital solution for requests and next-day inspections within a two-hour window.

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Now's the Time to Elevate Your Community Development Projects

Just like the Village of Hampshire, municipalities across the nation are taking notice of the value third-party providers like SAFEbuilt bring to their communities. As a result, we've seen a tremendous growth trend in municipalities across the country using these services.

At SAFEbuilt, we take pride in supporting our customers in building better, safer communities. Community development teams are strong, forward-thinking trailblazers, and we're honored to help them chase their goals and grow their communities.

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SAFEbuilt is a community development services company. We provide comprehensive building department, private provider, and other professional services with the goal of helping our customers build better, safer communities.