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It’s no secret that breaking ground late because of delayed plan reviews, or getting held up by inspector schedules, costs you money.  

In 2021, Georgia passed legislation to allow for third-party plan review and inspections in the event that the municipality states cannot turnaround plan reviews within 30 days or complete inspections within 48 hours.

Wondering what you get with third-party reviews and inspections? Let’s take a closer look.


The building plan review services you need

Starting and keeping your projects on schedule should be normal (rather than the exception). With our electronic building plan review services, we’ll bring in the experts you need from across the country to fit your timeline. 

When you bring in a SAFEbuilt for plan review, you’ll receive:

  • Qualified/certified staff with multiple disciplines and experience with projects of all sizes and specialties 
  • Guaranteed turnaround times
  • Total transparency into your review timeline
  • Total involvement in the review process (e.g., being copied on all plan review comments)


Inspectors that run on your schedule

How much money have you lost because you couldn’t get a next-day inspection with your municipality? SAFEbuilt’s inspection turnaround times are quicker than what municipalities can often guarantee. We offer:

  • Building Plan Review/Inspections
  • Mechanical Plan Review/Inspections
  • Electrical Plan Review/Inspections
  • Plumbing Plan Review/Inspections
  • Fire Plan Review/Inspections

While the city of Atlanta still does not allow for third-party plan review, they do allow third-party inspections.

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Time savings equal cost savings 

Not only will you save time (and as a result, money) when you work with SAFEbuilt, but you’ll be sure to bring a team of professionals who have worked on hundreds of projects and can bring their experience to your development project. 

Ready to see how third-party review can help keep your projects on time and on budget?

3rd Party Plan Reviews and Inspections