Everyone who works in community development knows that the faster you break ground, the faster you can drive revenue. And as your project progresses, having the right staff on board (and streamlined processes) help you reduce risk and error while sticking to your planned timeline and budget.

But even if you know exactly what you need to execute your project, bringing your project to life is often riddled with challenges.

Instead of going the traditional route and hiring full-time staff to tackle your upcoming projects and fill gaps in administrative needs, let’s look at what a third-party partner can do to get you staff and technology to reduce stress and bring your project to life faster.

1. Convenient and fast plan reviews

Electronic plan reviews align you with a credentialed plan reviewer who understands your unique community codes, regulations, and requirements. From initial review to revisions and finalization, every step of the review process is handled digitally. This not only removes the hassle of dealing with paper plans but also increases the speed at which your plan review is completed. It also helps expand your options for finding qualified plan reviewers, reducing wait times.

2. Electronic permitting and inspection updates

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How many hours of work have you wasted reviewing, approving, and organizing permits? Or have you ever worked off an outdated plan, or waited on an inspection that was already complete?  

Manual processes slow down progress (and increase your risk of error). Using CommunityCore, SAFEbuilt’s proprietary permitting software, you can keep track of permits, inspection status, and more, all from an easy-to-use dashboard. That means no more time spent trying to organize documents for easy reference. 

CommunityCore not only improves the permitting experience for residents and developers in your community, but it lessens the amount of administrative work that winds up on your building department’s plate. Plus, it gives you the peace of mind that your team is always looking at and working from the most up-to-date documentation.

3. Less impact on residents (and the environment)

The logistical steps that residents must navigate to work with their local building departments rack up a large environmental impact. From paper used for filing and large rolls of building plans to the impact created by transportation to and from government offices, the time, money, and resources used to simply apply for a permit add up quickly.

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Not only does SAFEbuilt give you the flexibility to interact with residents digitally, but we offer solutions to improve resident satisfaction and the overall health of your area. That adds up to fewer complaints and a more desirable community. 

4. Access multi-disciplinary talent

Government budgets are notoriously tight when it comes to hiring new talent. Instead of putting your money toward a full-time employee who specializes in one unique area, a third-party partner gives you the opportunity to put your funds toward an entire team of specialized talent, including multidisciplinary staff. That means that instead of getting one employee, you gain an entire team who can streamline work and help ensure the safety of your community. 

Because our team works on an as-needed basis, you only pay for the time and staff you need. This allows you to scale your workforce to accommodate busy and slow seasons.

Curious if SAFEbuilt is a good fit for your community?

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